Online Reputation Management

If you do not control your reputation someone else will. The Internet has created a 24/7 news cycle where everyone is a reporter and has something to say about your brand. And since what is said on the Internet has longevity, it is important that you have a brand defender. We have proven methods to shape the search results, guide the social conversation, and ensure the best side of brand shines through. Design X manages your company online reputation with:
* Social media monitoring & engagement
* Search page sculpting
* Media mention tracking & corrections
* Digital asset creation such as Wikipedia entries
* Thoughtful consultation and recommended sentiment solutions
Design X has your back. We first carve out the persona that best represents your company. We show the online community who you are and establish the appropriate messaging to support that persona. Then we monitor the conversations happening around your brand. If there is negative sentiment, we are the first to spot it, jump in and take appropriate action. We have the tools to keep you covered across every channel blogs, social media platforms, online newspapers, magazines and more. Analytics give us insight into the keywords the online community associates with your company. Design X goes further than just being the watchdog we act. Sometimes the next step is to contact the appropriate party and request a correction, which we will do ourselves. Other times, in more severe cases, you may need to step in and clear up the issue yourself. But we will be right by your side the whole way through, guiding your reactions, honing your messaging to wrap up the issue and put it behind the brand. Even in the toughest situations, Design X has your back. We manage your brand online reputation to keep your company name in the clear.

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