Awards & Events

Awards: We will bring you the recognition you deserve.
Great companies are built with great people, and if your company is a "Best Place to Work"or "The Next Big Thing", we will make sure everyone else knows about it. Design X identifies the award opportunities that will have the biggest impact for you, whether it is an industry award for great client work or a coveted spot. Awards catch the eye of investors, prospective clients and strategic partners and can be used as a tool to recruit top talent. Once we help you win, we will work with you to promote your big wins in a way that establishes credibility with the right audiences.

Events: Sometimes there is no substitute for face to face.
The foundation of good PR is getting the right message in front of the right audience. Sometimes that means making a splash at conferences and events. Design X places you in front of the key audiences in your industry. We work with you at every stage of the game, from securing a keynote speaking slot to developing that wild idea for a contest at your booth and following up on warm leads afterward. With our comprehensive approach, we take the heavy lifting off your plate by:
* Creating a robust speakers bureau so all your key thought leaders are heard
* Developing annual event calendars that outline where your opportunities lie
* Organizing conference and event sponsorships
* Drafting speaker and panel proposals
* Coordinating face to face meetings with key analysts and members of the press
Whether it is a major international conference or a regional trade show, Walker Sands will help you identify and pursue the events where you will see the strongest return on your investment.