Welcome to Design X Marketing

Business has only two functions - Marketing and Innovation.
By Milan Kundera

"There is probably a perverse pride in my administration... that we were going to do the right thing, even if short-term it was unpopular. And i think anybody who's occupied this office has to remeber that success is determined by an interesection in policy and politics and that you can't be neglecting of marketing and PR. and public opinion."
By Barack Obama - U.S President

"In marketing l've seenonly one strategy that can't miss - and that is to market to your best customers first, the rest of the world last."
By John Romero

"Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department."
By David Packard

Welcome to Design X

What makes the Design X approach different is our journalistic DNA and our roots in community management.
We instinctively know how to create content – rapidly – that will be shared by the audiences you need to reach. We’ve used our content creation and community management skills to help numerous brands, large and small, shift perceptions, drive value and challenge the status quo. Design X operates Juba, capital of South Sudan. Its experience spans around technology, consumer, financial services, healthcare, Agribusiness, sports and automotive sectors marketing.

Services Offered At Design X:

  • Digital Marketing

    Our digital marketing team, Design X, delivers integrated Web marketing and content marketing campaigns.
    Digital marketing services include branding and strategy, design and production, Web development, social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.
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  • Public Relations Services

    Design X has built a reputation as one of the fastest-growing national PR agencies in the world. We couldn’t do that without generating strong results for our clients day-in and day-out..Read More»

  • Product Launches

    The truth is, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is – if no one knows about it, it might as well not even exist.
    At Design X, we start with your goals and plan backwards..
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  • Media/Blogger Relations

    Media and blogger relations are the heart of a strong public relations program. It all starts with a story.
    Design X will work with you to develop that narrative. Then we convey your message accurately, articulately and effectively, inserting you into the conversation where appropriate and letting you dominate it..
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  • Strategy & Brand Messaging

    Before you can effectively tell your brand’s story, you need to know it yourself.
    If you don’t know who you are, how can you tell anyone else? Design X has a defined process to pull out and document your key messages and align them to your audiences. Once we define those we work to develop a comprehensive public relations strategy that gets those key messages heard in all the right places..
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  • Awards & Events

    Awards: We’ll bring you the recognition you deserve.
    Great companies are built with great people, and if your company is a “Best Place to Work” or The “Next Big Thing,” we’ll make sure everyone else knows about it. Design X identifies the award opportunities that will have the biggest impact for you, whether it’s an industry award for great client work or a coveted spot..
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  • Online Reputation Management

    If you don’t control your reputation – someone else will.
    The Internet has created a 24/7 news cycle where everyone is a reporter and has something to say about your brand. And since what’s said on the Internet has longevity, it’s important that you have a brand defender. We have proven methods to shape the search results, guide the social conversation, and ensure the best side of brand shines through..
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  • Content Marketing

    In the age of search engines and social media, your company is defined by the content you publish.
    While media outreach remains a critical component of any successful PR program, your customers aren’t just turning to newspapers and blogs to make informed decisions. They’re also doing Google searches, following brands on Facebook and Twitter, watching YouTube videos, and relying on reviews and recommendations..
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